Stitchworks by Donna Creating unique, distinctive kits for Counted Cross Stitch and plastic canvas

How We Got Started.

With over 30 years enjoying counted cross stitching and having access to some really nice pictures, I decided to put the two together to produce kits from photos.  In 2010 when the opportunity came up I decided to go full time with my business.   The large kits that are on my website are all from photos taken by either professional or very good amateur photographers.  I also can convert that special digital photo that you have to produce a counted cross stitch kit for you that is unique and only for you.  Contact me at for any questions and information on customization of your photo.

Counted Cross stitch is also a good activity to relieve stress, improve hand-eye coordination, mental stimulus and this has led me to offering classes and adapting kits for seniors.  I have a program specifically set up for senior residences where we have started developing smaller kits and kits using plastic canvas.  If you have any questions or interest in learning more about our senior residence program please contact me at